Advisory Boards and Parental Involvement

“I have just had a conversation with a parent who attended the Advisory Board training today, who expressed how fantastic it was and she would now like to work with me to be the chair of the Advisory Board here. She felt that it was very beneficial and helpful for her confidence.” Centre Manager, Southmead Children’s Centre

AB Training 4Our trainers’ extensive experience of of facilitating and furthering parental involvement means that we are well-placed to deliver workshops and courses which enable parents to play an active role in their Children’s Centres. Such workshops ensure that those who attend them subsequently “actively contribute to the development of activities” (1)

Our regularly-requested and successful Advisory Board Training for Parents equips parents to become confident and active members of their Children’s Centre Advisory Board.

We also offer ‘What’s in it for me?’, a workshop designed to increase parents’ awareness of the purpose of Children’s Centres, how they can be actively involved, and increasing their confidence and skills to enable this. This can be delivered within a Parent Forum, or as a separate, one-off session. As with many of our workshops, we are happy to amend this one to meet the individual needs of a centre and / or expected participants.


(1) Ofsted – Children’s Centre Inspection Handbook, March 2013


Strategic Support for Advisory Boards

Would you like the effectiveness of your advisory board confirmed?

By attending your advisory board meeting and following a checklist process, we will verify whether your board is ‘fit for purpose’. You will receive a summary of findings and recommendations.