Clear Genie Workshops

Clear Genie 6“After this workshop I feel on top of the world! I am ready to take on challenges.”

“I feel content in myself. It’s not important what others say about me.”

“I feel happier and more confident.”

Clear Genie Workhops is a programme of 5 workshops which support parents to identify and explore options for their future, and produce an action plan for next steps towards employment, education or training.

Using a coaching approach, incoporating a variety of tools, techniques and resources, these unique workshops are appropriate for any parent ready to consider returning to, or moving for the first time into employment, education or training.

Our Approach

Clear Genie 5Coaching is a proven method for inspiring and motivating individuals to identify a goal, and the necessary steps to achieve that goal. The structure and approach used in this interactive programme is inclusive to all styles of learners. As such, it allows all participants to identify their own goal, specific to themselves, their experience and circumstances, and work towards producing their own unique action plan accordingly.

Why we use the coaching approach

Coaching is a powerful method of accelerated learning that aims to identify and then work with a person’s core values and beliefs using a variety of coaching skills, tools and techniques. Using this method allows a person to identify unhelpful beliefs. For example, it could be that a previous learning or work experience was experienced in an unhelpful way. The person has attached feelings to this belief, giving it power. However, the belief may have become outdated, is no longer serving the person in a productive way, and prevents them from recognising that they have developed new skills and learning other areas of their lives.

Building confidence

IMG_0947The delivery of our workshops allows a natural process to occur, whereby participants experience a different way of seeing something, creating a powerful internal shift. In this way, the belief that had been holding them back is removed naturally. Participants are enabled to identify their own answers and actions, thereby gaining renewed confidence in the abilities and skills that already exist within them. This in turn serves to boost self-esteem.


Programme Outline

Workshop 1 – Identifying a Goal


(i) To identify what they would like to achieve from the proramme

(ii) To identify where they would like to be / what changes they would like to have made in the next year

Clear Genie 7Workshop 2 – (i) Motivation and Mentoring (ii) Peer and Family Support


(i) To identify what their motivation is for achieving their goal

(ii) To produce a plan on how to gain and maintain the support of their family and friends

Workshop 3 – (i) Values and Beliefs (ii) Self Limiting Beliefs


(i) To specify their goals and values

(ii) To recognize the thoughts which hold them back, where these have come from, and how to overcome them, how thought works

(iii) To understand what valuing ourselves means

Workshop 4 – Vision Board

Clear Genie 4Aims:

(i) To identify the options available to them

(ii) To produce a Vision Board for their future

Workshop 5 – (i) Action Planning (ii) Moving Forward


(i) To produce an Action Plan with timeframe for next steps

(ii) To identify ways of maintaining their motivation


Clear Genie Taster Workshop

We offer a 2.5 hour ‘taster’ workshop, which offers clients and service users the opportunity to experience the power of this innovative approach.

Contact us for more details on this or any other course.