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“There was lots of information presented in a fun way. Great trainer!”

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Clear Training Associates offer a variety of trainings for service users, staff, and communities, focusing on self-development, having a voice, personal and community empowerment, and how to support and develop all these aspects.

Tailored training and resources
Our trainings can be as formal or informal as required. We have a range of “off the shelf” products, but are very happy to use these as a starting point and amend them according to our clients’ needs. We can also create training and workshop packages – for example, a series of sessions that develop particular skills, delivered over a specified time period.

Approaches and methods
We use a range of approaches and methods in our training sessions, since we understand that each person brings their own skills, knowledge and experience to the training environment, and that different people have different learning styles. Where possible, we carry out a needs analysis with our client during the planning stages, in order to have the best possible picture of who will be attending, their existing knowledge, and what their learning needs are. This can take the form of a basic questionnaire about / for participants, or be more detailed, depending on what the training will be and timescales involved.

On completion of each piece of work, we evaluate the task, including feedback that we will have sought during the process from clients and trainees, to ensure we continue to work to the highest possible standard. If requested during the planning phase, this self-evaluation will form the basis of a report for our client, in which we highlight the successes and learning points for all involved in our trainings (clients, participants and trainers). Where appropriate, such a report will include recommendations for next steps for participants and / or clients.

Advisory Board Training for Parents
Clear Genie Workshops
Outreach Strategies
Time Management
Volunteer Induction
Volunteer Management for Staff
Volunteer Recruitment for Staff

If you would like a training not listed above, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.