Advisory Board Training

AB Training 3“Gave me a real insight into the way Children’s Centres work, what they should deliver, how they relate to council structures and how we can input into higher level decisions.”

“I wasn’t too sure I wanted to come on the course, but after the first session I am very impressed. It is informative, interesting, and a great asset to anyone. The course is explained in simple terms and easy to digest.”

“It was fantastic because I am now well trained about Advisory Boards, and if I sit on one I will understand what they are doing and saying.”

“Very useful and finally I understood what it really meant to be a member of the advisory board team and what is expected from me.”

Advisory Board Training for Parents
A series of 3 workshops which aim to equip parents with the necessary understanding and skills to sit as Parent Representatives on Children’s Centre Advisory Boards.

Workshop1 – Skills for parent representatives


  • To understand what it means to be a parent representative
  • To understand formal structures and how to work within these


  • Representing other parents
  • Who are you speaking for?
  • How can you represent more parents?
  • Understanding how meetings work
  • Understanding agendas
  • Meeting etiquette
  • The role of the chair

Workshop 2 – Children’s Centres and your Borough: Understanding the Set-Up


  • To understand how Children’s Centres work, and what guides them
  • To understand the different levels of meetings, and how to participate in these structures effectively


  • Overview of the purpose of Children’s Centres and Advisory Boards – Statutory Guidance
  • How Children’s Centres are organized in your Borough
  • SEFs
  • Plans
  • Data and targets
  • How do decisions feed up to decision makers
  • Your Children’s Centre

Workshop 3 – Presentation Skills and Confidence Building to be Effective in Meetings


  • To learn some basic strategies to speak publicly
  • To have the opportunity to practice presentation skills
  • To build confidence to speak publicly and challenge at meetings


  • Speaking in meetings
  • Controlling nerves and building confidence
  • Making presentations to groups
  • Challenging confidently and constructively

AB Training - 2 people standing

AB Training 5

AB Training 11

Further workshops for parents which support those listed above are also available – for example, Chairing Skills, How to Write a Presentation, etc.

We also offer an Advisory Board training for Headteachers and Governors, and another for Centre Managers. Contact us to discuss your needs.