Volunteer Induction Training

VI 8“It gave me a clear view of what volunteering means, and about commitment, reliability and time management.”

“The workshops provided us with a proper training, along with very useful material to have more understanding of what we will be doing”

“It was very useful and I learnt more skills. A lovely experience!”

Volunteer Induction Training
Our Volunteer Induction Training is a pre-set course (though this can be amended as appropriate), and follows a prescribed format. The course is for parents wishing to volunteer within Children’s Centres. It consists of 6 sessions (usually run over 6 consecutive weeks), covering:
VI 10
Session 1: Volunteering – What and Why
Session 2: Time Management and Commitment
Session 3: Safeguarding
Session 4: Confidentiality and Boundaries
Session 5: Listening Skills
Session 6: Valuing Diversity

Aims:VI 9
(i) To provide learners with awareness and understanding of the general role and responsibilities associated with volunteering
(ii) To equip learners with the basic skills and understanding necessary to undertake a volunteering role

While the Volunteer Induction Course has been created specifically for delivery within a Children’s Centre setting (hence the session on Safeguarding), it can be adapted to meet the needs of any given organisation, with the option to replace the Safeguarding session with one relevant to the commissioning organisation.