Supporting Parents Towards Economic Independence

“It was step-by-step so I found it particularly useful”

“I got an insight into what is needed of me and what I need to do to gain employment – now I can help myself further”

“It was great identifying skills I didn’t know I had that would be very useful in the workplace”

“I now feel ready to look for a job”

Clear Genie 2We offer a comprehensive range of training to support parents towards employment, education or training.

Volunteering provides parents with the opportunity to increase their skills, confidence and self-esteem – and much more – working and contributing effectively as part of a team. Our Volunteer Induction Training gives participants a thorough understanding of the commitment required and benefits gained through volunteering within their local Children’s Centre.

Often, the key block to parents moving towards economic independence is their own thinking and levels of confidence. ‘Clear Genie Workshops’ is an innovative programme which supports parents to identify and explore options for their future, and produce an action plan for next steps. This programme is appropriate for any parent, regardless of their personal or economic circumstances.

For those parents ready to consider the process of returning to work – or looking for employment for the first time – our Employability workshops provide participants with the knowledge, confidence and skills to identify their strengths, and know how to go about the process of preparing, applying and interviewing for paid work.