We work hard to deliver an excellent service. As a result, we receive great feedback, both from clients and those we train. Here are some examples of feedback from parents who have attended our Children’s Centre workshops:

Feedback on Advisory Board Training

“I wasn’t too sure I wanted to come on the course, but after the first session I am very impressed. It is informative, interesting, and a great asset to anyone. The course is explained in simple terms and easy to digest”

“Tutor was very clear and explained things thoroughly”

“Very informative, structured and explained in simple terms”

“Was brilliant help!”

“Very friendly facilitator and relaxed environment”

“Gave me a real insight into the way Children’s Centres work, what they should deliver, how they relate to council structures and how we can input into higher level decisions”

“It was a fantastic experience”

“Very helpful regarding presentation skills and tips”

Feedback on Assertiveness workshop

“I now feel equipped with the confidence to practice and learn more”

“It gave me tips on how to be assertive in a good way”

Feedback on Building Self-Confidence workshop

“I learnt ways and techniques to be confident in myself and also believe in myself”

“It made me more open in conversation, and helped me believe I can achieve what I want to”

“Everything was very useful”

“Lovely lovely workshop”

“Thank you once again for this wonderful training in my life”

“Keep up the good work – it is because of these workshops that we single parents acknowledge we have potential, confidence, skills and abilities we didn’t even know we had!”

Feedback on Employment Skills workshops

“Looking at what skills we have as parents was particularly useful – I didn’t realise that I had so many skills!”

“Very interesting – I learned a lot about myself”

“Talking about practical issues helped to clearly identify what barriers I will have to overcome in order to achieve what I want”

“I now have a better understanding of my skills”